The year was 1999. It all started with an Olympus om-10 that I picked up on ebay for under US$50. At the time, the band that I was in started touring a fair bit around the Midwest, and I thought it'd be a good idea to teach myself photography, whilst documenting my 'on the road' adventures at the same time.

Fast forward to a little more over a decade and I'm still as passionate as then about photography. Life has taken me to various parts of the world and I feel privileged to have had the chance to capture those personal moments on film. I'm still not sold on the whole digital camera format... to me it's an entirely different medium, like comparing oil to acrylic painting, so any discussion about the pros and cons of the two is irrelevant for the most part.
For me, film photography has a 'human touch' that cannot be captured in silicons and binaries. So despite the increasing costs, I'm prepared to continue expressing myself through this medium.

My interest lies primarily in portraits that capture the essence of life in any given corner of the world. I hope my photographs can portray an honest and sincere image of what I see, that the energy and spirit of a scene can take precedence over any kind composition or lighting aesthetic, although undoubtedly the two can play a pivotal role in enhancing what lies within the frame.

I was embracing the "just shoot, don't think" approach long before it became a marketing slogan/gimmick, and I certainly don't think you need a Lomo-branded camera to get the job done.



Currently located in: Hong Kong
Write to me at: punkture@gmail.com