Borderline obsessed with film Photography and getting lost in as faraway places as possible.

I love a lot of things but there's not much in the world, that I can think of, that makes me happier than seeing new awesome things in hard to get to places and bringing them back on a roll of film! I'm not anti-digital, quite the contrary, I think digital photography is immensely practical and convenient. I just don't think it matches the depth, the colour, the grain, the character and the wonderful sense of accomplishment you can get from seeing something, estimating your settings, taking the shot, only to find out later when you get it developed that you were spot on and got the shot you were after. I just never took digital that seriously when it became "the norm" and just never quit my good old film cameras. Over time, I just slowly got more and more into it always learning more on how I take my pictures! That, added to my constant obsession to move around, live and see as many things as possible on our little planet makes for a nice mix, I think! Welcome to my photo adventure world in 2D and in as many colours as this world of ours can produce.



Currently located in: Hong Kong
Write to me at: pick@electricpick.com